Boston Comedy Nicknames

In BoCom and Beyond

Posted by Stalewife on Jan 5, 2017

Here is a list of nicknames comedians in the Boston scene have gotten from doing stand-up, in no particular order. Nicknames in brackets means the nickname was given by yours truly.

  • John Paul Rivera - "JPR", "Just Plain Rude"
  • Andrew Durso - "Durso Crazy", "Dirty dirt dog dick"
  • Adam Langlois (NYC) - ["Adam Fung wah"], ["Adam Quinoa"]
  • Sam Monk - "Sam Monklestein"
  • Laura Crawford (LA) - "Cindy Lou Who-Gives-a-Shit", "Cunty Mary Tyler Moore", "The Crawdog", "The Crawdad", "Laura Croft"(she hates being called that)
  • Kevin Doug Fitzgerald - "Fitzie Bitzie Spider"
  • Jim Bowes - "Gym"
  • Brandon Vallee - "Bitch"
  • Michael O'Brien - "Comedic genius/ comedic heinous"
  • Aimee Rose Ranger (NYC) - "Ole Booze-bag Aimee", "Gamey Toes"
  • Rob Crean - "Best Lover on Earth"
  • Crime fighting duo, Tyrone Jones and Angela Sawyer - "TJ Vice and Sawyer the Destroyer"
  • James Huessy - "James Saddam Huesain"
  • Ben Keefe - "Ben 'Big Dirty' Keefe"
  • James Nixon - "Gay"
  • Sunny Dennis - "Sunny D-bag"
  • Kristin O'Brien - "Jeb" "Auntie"
  • Ryan Douglass (NYC )- "Raven"
  • Zach Cordes - "The Zacha[na]tor"
  • Shyam Subramanian - "Mr. Edibles"
  • Zachary Fisher - "Fish" (prison chanting this is perfectly acceptable)
  • Mr. Goodnight (LA)- "The Sepulveda Cowboy", "The Mayor of Mar Vista", "Cat Daddy"
  • John Staley - "Musty Crusty", "Stalewife Station", "Staleface", "Stale Pale", "Ole Stalesides"
  • Misha Han (NYC) - ["Misha 'jacuzzi hands' Han"]
  • Rick Harkness - ["Dart of Harkness"]
  • Aaron Smith - "Tiny"
  • Anthony Scibelli - ["Anthony Skeeballi"]
  • Ricardo Perez - "The Terminator"
  • Tyrone Jones - "The Unstoppable Force of Comedy"
  • Patrick Barrett - "Mr. Piss"
  • Chris Post - ['Cinnamon Post Crunch']
  • Nick Ortolani - "Nicky Aughts", "Nick Nerdalani"
  • Owen Linders - "Browen Linders" (maybe I just call him this)
  • Shane McHugh - "Shane 'The Shoe' McCue", "Shoey Lewis and The News", "Shane McHuge"
  • Kudos to Rob Crean and Tyrone Jones for making most of these nicknames