The Deed from Mr O'Deed

A Tale from Boston's Newest Mic

Posted by Stalewife on Dec 20, 2016

The Midway or the Highway is an entertaining mixed comedy, music, performing arts open mic at the Midway Cafe in Jamaica Plain on Sundays. This article is not about the Midway but is, in fact, about a different midway.

To backtrack, this mic was in fact an comedy open mic and was treated as such, with open mic protocol that this writer has gained over the years. Tipping the bartender, staying for at least one comic after your set, and especially sticking to your time were all thought to be in play at this new mic, hosted by Tommy O'Deed and Kenny Cappozzi. So, your writer, Stalewife, started getting enervated when some liberties were taken during the first half of the mic's second run. People started shitting on the room and its hosts and performers, comics declared they were going to run the light (going over time). I thought this was unacceptable, especially because all of these digressions were committed by inexperienced comics, and had to assert some checks and balances.

During my performance, I got the light from Kenny. I said, "Dude, I'm gonna stick to my time, alright? I thought it'd be cool with you guys if I did my time. 'I don't give a fuck' I'm going to go zero seconds over time". It got a laugh from the co-host and some hard silence from the young guns. I finish my set and stick to my time. I felt like I did what I had to do *pat myself my badass self on my B.A. back*.

All of this was in veign, soon after my act. At the midpoint of the mic, the co-host comes up a comic or two afterwards, and says (paraphrased), "You guys (the room was 100% male at that point) can do whatever you want up here: run the light, kick shit over... you can take a shit on the floor." Yes, the co-host of the mic told us we could get schwifty. That was the turning point during the night and for the rest of this mic's life. My conversation with Tommy outside the room, about lack of respect for the mic, was completely thrown out the window. Another quote from Tommy, "You can leave your shit here. We'll be back next week. We'll clean it up then. We're in Somerville." So if you looking for something to do or shit on (literally, or preemptively by comedy younglings), come to Mean Streets open mic at PA's Lounge, Union Sq., Somerville, MA. You're in for a treat. -Stalewife