The Mercurial Conceit

Will This Hold Up?

Posted by Stalewife on Dec 15, 2016

Ten clicks to the east. A click is an old-fashioned unit of distance. This blog argues that a click, in the Information Age, can be a symbol of disposition.

This statement is in response to a drafted blog entry of the Disclosure LP, Moog for Love. The author, Stalewife, believed the album was a ephemeral joy and not a runoff of jaded DJs too enveloped in fame to make distinct music as Pitchfork claimed. The LP is a one-off rump shaker. That statement was a "click", what the author felt at the time. After being listened to and experience for more subway trips, Moog for Love does not leave the same impression as it initially did. Once positive, now when the track is heard it sounds like, as much as Stalewife can articulate, like bullshit. Patchwork, overreaching bullsh. Should this be held against Disclosure? Should album reviews accomodate for unexperienced replayability? An argument is that The Life of Pablo is just as short lived and loses its flavor quicker than Juicy Fruit. Could be the nature of the beast that consumes house and hyper popular rap, though Kendrick leaves a longer impression and is more replayable. The jams can expire in as fast as a click. In the words of Beach House, covering Daniel Johnston, "Some Things Last a Long Time", and some things do not. -Stalewife