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Fallout 4 Hip-hop

Posted by Stalewife on Dec 11, 2016

The hype beast must be fed. Fed daily, authentic heads are the minority contributors. Sometimes the hype beast is fed to fill the gaps between acts that warrent is almost converse treatment, aka hype.

The importance of lil yachty and yung thug are perpetuated by some who hold societal attention in one sanctioned way or other (unsanctioned), thus artists that have deviated from understood rap like yachty and thug are place in the cultural zeitgeist. The music is created by a type of person who doesn't receive much societal attention. That is to say marginalized groups are appropriated, then sanctioned by the majority. Yachty likely grew up without the capital his rich white fans have. This is how the hype beast operates and feasts. That said, concious hip-hop and lyrical, poetic flow has been missing and repurposed for about a decade. Mos Def was the last artist in hip-hop to bring forth the sound and vibe, although the new Tribe blew up for a week. Also, there are conceptions of underground or under the radar hip-hop lyricists somewhere just out of reach, in the catacombs of soundcloud, assumingly (and hopefully). The idea of these liminal artists keeps hope and hip-hop alive, but are boxed out by what is rap. To reinstate our motto at 12MA, a guy trying to get to Davis Square hasn't heard definitive hip-hop since Mos Def, Tribe Called Quest, or De La Soul. Method and Red held it down during Hempfest, though. This article was written realizing calculated criticism/regulation of what is not hip-hop goes hand in hand with its perpetuation, and that is shitty. Here's my stop. -Stalewife